Fruitloops: Serial Killers of Color

E24: Charles Ng & The Miranda Murders

December 13, 2018

In this weeks episode Beth and Wendy get into the weeds on Charles Ng, a Chinese-American serial killer who was sentenced to death after torturing and killing up to 25 people with Leonard Lake at Lake’s California cabin. We've heard lots about Leonard Lake (the white guy) but this episode is all about Charles Ng.


Date of murders 1983 - 1985 in Wilseyville, Calif., (northern California)

MO: abduction, torture, rape and murder for financial gain and sexual gratification.

Victims: 11 to 25

(Altogether, the bodies of seven men, three women, two baby boys and 45 pounds of bone fragments would be recovered from the cabin that they rented and built a bunker)


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