Fruitloops: Serial Killers of Color

E11: The Southside Strangler

August 30, 2018

On Fruitloops Episode 11 Beth and Wendy discuss the life, crimes and victims of Timonthy WIlson Spencer, AKA The Southside Strangler. This case is notable as the first case in the US where DNA was used to convict a serial killer. Timothy Wilson Spencer was convicted of raping and strangling four women over 11 weeks in 1987. There was very little circumstantial evidence and Spencer did not confess. Then DNA tests linked semen from the crime scenes with Spencer's blood. Most of Spencer's victims were killed while he was living at a Richmond halfway house after being released from a state prison, where he had served three years of a 10-year sentence for burglary. The slayings took place on weekends when Mr. Spencer was signed out of the halfway house.


Victims: 5 murder victims and 9 rape victims

Span of Crimes 1984, 1987 to 1988

Venue:  Arlington and Richmond VA.

AKA’s:  Southside Strangler, Southside Slayer and Southside Rapist

Method:  stalking, laying in waiting and strangulation

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About DNA,8599,1905706,00.html

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